Long Time, No See: Quick Life Update

IMG_1589Life has surely not slowed down since graduating in May, but I definitely do not think that I would have it any other way. Per the usual, this summer has been filled with countless dance camps across the US and beyond. I started my travels in Santiago, Chile, working with some incredible dance teams and coaches, surrounded by the beautiful Andes Mountains. I then continued on with my fourth UDA Summer, taking on the role of Head Instructor for the first time at a camp in Michigan and teaching in Texas, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and California. The high school and college athletes that I have had the pleasure of working with this summer brought new light to my life and served as a reminder of why I have chosen this crazy career path. The hustle is a lot, but my love for all that it encompasses and the people I have met along the way surely is worth it. I now sit in a hotel lobby in Russia, here working with many other wonderful dance athletes of all ages, who are keeping me on my toes and definitely giving me a good workout during our time together. Shortly after my time is finished here, my summer will come to a final conclusion in Ecuador, surrounded once more by talent, work ethic, and passion that will surely get me excited for the new positions I will be taking on once back in the United States – more specifically, Cleveland.

I am both honored and humbled to have accepted two new jobs in the Cleveland area, both of which are genuinely a dream come true. The first of these two adventures takes me back to my alumna, Magnificat High School, where I have accepted the position of Program Coordinator for the brand new Magnificat Dance Training Company. Having spent my four years at Magnificat on the Varsity Dance Team and the past few years continuing my work with the newest generations of MHSDT, I have seen this program grow into a miraculous beast that simply shines amongst the dance community due to its motivated outlook, positive influence, and passionate performance. I could not be more thrilled to be starting this new program, MDTC, which will give more Bluestreaks a chance to be a part of this magic. The MDTC will provide a home to dancers who are interested in receiving more training, want to pursue dance while still participating in other Magnificat activities, or who want to be a part of the MHSDT family but cannot financially commit all that this program requires. As Program Coordinator, I am excited to put this concept into action and be a guiding light in the physical and artistic growth of these dancers. Additionally, I will be a part of the Magnificat Dance Team Coaching Staff, working with the MHSDT girls who never cease to amaze me or brighten up a studio. It is truly a blessing to be working alongside those who have made me the woman I am today and to be able to bring this program to so many new hearts.

Aside from Magnificat, I have had the incredible pleasure of joining the Dance Faculty at the newly expanded Baldwin Wallace University Community Arts School. This program will focus on growing dancers technically and artistically, preparing them for pursuing collegiate dance and theatre careers similar to the prestigious education that Baldwin Wallace has to offer. The students here have already impressed me with their focus and dedication to all that they do and I cannot wait to work with them regularly throughout the year. As a branch of the University, my position of Dance Instructor then makes me Adjunct Faculty at BW – another blessing which I surely did not think I would ever have the chance to experience. I am looking forward to learning from my fellow staff, all of which have incredible professional backgrounds and will surely challenge me to be the best version of myself – as an educator, artist, and person.

In addition to these adventures, I will continue to work at studios in the Cleveland area more closely than I have been able to do in the past four years. I have some exciting choreography sessions lined up in the next few months with both new teams that I cannot wait to meet and past teams which I cannot wait to be back in the studio with. International travel will continue throughout the year as I keep in touch with some of these inspiring teams and coaches, both in teaching and judging. Life definitely feels like a whirlwind, but I think I am starting to realize that this is something that is going to continue to follow me throughout my career no matter what. Adventure is out there and I am ready to dive in!

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