Artist Statement

No matter the genre of dance or setting of experience, the ultimate goal and purpose behind my work is to discover, educate, and inform the individual and capitalize upon Photo by Laura DeAngelis Photographythe “why” behind this art form that I choose to dedicate so much of my life to. As a Performer, I aim to remain unlimited – challenging myself with new opportunities in both the concert dance and commercial dance realms. Performing is not just the final product, but the rehearsal process and preparation. Each opportunity to perform is a step towards learning more about myself and the work that I do. As a Dance Educator, I strive to educate the body, mind, and soul of students – aiming to teach more than simple eight counts and technique. Through lesson plans and motivations, I guide students into a state of self-acceptance, positive outlook, growth mindset, and genuine flow. My choreographic work is inspired by this same underlying theme and study of Positive Psychology – the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive, focused upon the three pillars of positive experiences, positive individual traits, and positive institutions. Dance is more than codified technique and finding the “1” in the music. Rather, being a part of this world serves as a medium of both self-expression and self-discovery. I am constantly working towards fully engaging in and committing to this journey – challenging myself to extend my training, pursuing continuous practice and improvement of skill, and intending to engage both my muscles and soul in each new endeavor.

Photo by Laura DeAngelis