Videos & Reels

2023 University of Delaware – Jazz NATIONALS Performance

5th Place UDA College Nationals Champions – D1 Jazz; January 14 – 15, 2023, Orlando, FL

Choreography: Paige St. John

Dancers: The University of Delaware Dance Team

Music: “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” Meat Loaf

2021 – 2022 Dance Performance Reel – Paige St. John

Various performance and class footage taken during my season dancing professionally with Cleveland Dance Project Company and Cleveland Dance Project

Music: “Pumpin Blood – The Jane Doze Remix” NONONO, The Jane Doze

All Styles Choreography Reel – Paige St. John

Clips from various pieces and styles of Choreography from 2020 – 2022

Music: “My Delight” Gavin Turek

“Seeking Serenity” – Cleveland Dance Project Company Concept Video

Music by Sean Pack

Choreography: Anna Cerveny & Megan Gurcze

CDP Company Dancers: Amanda Budzick, Anna Cerveny, Megan Gurcze, Courtney Houdek, Katie LaRuez, Rachel Leheney, Elana Leonis, Tori McKinney, Sarah Neiswander, Paige St John & CDP Company Apprentices: Valeria Kozak, Katrina Rodriguez, Kristin Smith

“This piece is an introspective look at today’s busy culture tendencies and the toll that being constantly busy is taking on our mental health. We explore the dissonance between societal praise for the constant drive to succeed, and the resulting anxiety disorders that can plague us behind closed doors. This project aims to normalize self care, and recognize the beauty in pause. We encourage you to take a deep breath, and identify where in your own life you need to reflect and reprioritize.”

All Styles Dance Reel – Paige St. John

Various Performances, Classes, and Solo Dance Footage (as of April 2021)

“Step In Time”     |    Magnificat High School Presents Mary Poppins (November 2021)

Choreography by Paige St. John

Performers: Calista Zajac (Mary Poppins), Sam Brown (Bert), and Ensemble

WINNER of “Best Choreography” in the 2022 Dazzle Awards (Cleveland, OH); Choreographer Credit for various other numbers within the show choreographed collaboratively with Lead Choreographer, Jill Haller (Director of Dance), including “Jolly Holiday” and “Playing the Game”

WINNER of “Best Musical” in the 2022 Dazzle Awards (Cleveland, OH)

“Light”     |    Magnificat High School Dance Team

Choreography by Paige St. John

Dancers: Magnificat Dance Team Seniors, Class of 2020

Performance/Video Credit: Velocity Dance Competition, Cleveland 2020

“Trace”     |    The Ohio State University – Department of Dance

Choreography by Susan Van Pelt Petry with Video Animation by Ric Petry, OSU Dance 50th Anniversary Concert: The Big 5-OH

Promo Video: Mason Chapello         Lighting: Niasha Whitfield

“Just Say Yes”     |    The Ohio State University – Department of Dance

Choreography by Laura DeAngelis, OSU Winter Concert 2018

Dancers: Maggy Garland, Laura Patterson, and Paige St. John

“TNT (Today Not Tomorrow)”     |    The Ohio State University – Department of Dance

Dance Film Final Project by Laura DeAngelis

Dancers: Anna Hershinow, Laura Patterson, and Paige St. John

“A Day In The Life” by Elijah Aaron     |     Dance Department Documentary

Featured Dancer and Interviewee: Paige St. John