Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 3.56.44 PMPaige St. John holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from The Ohio State University (2019) and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Dance Education from the University of Northern Colorado. From 2021 – 2022, she performed and trained professionally with the contemporary-fusion Cleveland Dance Project Company (OH), filling her last year in her home state with inspiration and gratitude. Now, Paige is based in Wilmington, DE, working and traveling as a choreographer and dance educator, moving with young and adult athletes and creators domestically and internationally. Her work as an educator has taken her across the globe, leading her to have either choreographed, taught, judged, or presented dance education and coaching seminars on five out of the seven continents. Some of her most notable and inspiring experiences include performing at the Rebild Bakker 4th of July Festival in Denmark (2017); teaching private coaching sessions with various teams in Slovenia (2019); judging the Ukrainian Dance Championship Cup in Kharkiv (2021); and spending four incredible months teaching, choreographing, writing curriculum, and training other dance educators in Guangzhou, China (2018). In the States, Paige is the Volunteer Assistant Coach of the University of Delaware Dance Team, while also choreographing for a variety of studios and all-star teams, as well as multiple nationally-ranked high school and collegiate dance teams, including The University of Delaware and Temple University. Following her collegiate graduation in 2019, Paige founded the Magnificat Dance Training Company at Magnificat High School (OH), for which she wrote a curriculum and worked as Program Coordinator to develop a now-thriving program which is dedicated to the training and growing of high school students as artists, technicians, performers, and people. She frequently travels as a Master Instructor, specializing in technique and choreography in the styles of Contemporary, Jazz, and Pom, and hosting lectures and seminars for other dance educators and coaches on training techniques, student-coach rapport, and curriculum consistency.


Photo by Bryan Mravec