Allowing Landscape to Influence Movement

IMG_5569As a result of Spring Fever, we have begun working with the idea of landscapes in Composition I. Prior to Spring Break, we were broken up into to groups and assigned to develop our own landscape and to use such landscape in order to create a compositional score. Our landscape (to the Left), drawn by Hazel Black, was that of a country road: black road, power lines, grass, hills, blue sky – exactly what you would see when looking out your window on a long road trip.

In our study, we attempted to use the ideas of motion and time, showing the juxtaposition between a still photo and the moving image that it captures.

As you will see in the video below, we chose to dance both as a whole group and as duets/trios. Additionally, we attempted to avoid unison as a result of the many objects of stimulation within our landscape. However, in staying on stage as a group, we illustrated the way that these many stimuli exist together in a cohesive setting.


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