Our Honor Defend – A Dance Team Documentary

IMG_4450In addition to being a Dance Major here at The Ohio State University, I have had the immense honor of dancing on The Ohio State University Dance Team (Ohio State Athletics). Aside from keeping me busy, this “double-dance opportunity” has helped to shape both my artistry and style in ways that I never would have expected. In taking technique classes through my major and increasing my performance opportunities through the team, I have been able to study both foundational movement practices while also delving into the commercial side of the dance world. As someone who is largely interested in the commercial dance field, this has helped me to grow physically and clear up the pathway which I would like to continue my studies in.

When we were assigned to create a Documentary, my team and I had just recently returned from UDA College Dance Nationals in Disney World. Immediately, I was determined to focus my Documentary on not only the Nationals experience, but my team experience as a whole.

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