From The Inside Out

IMG_5340As a Freshman in The Ohio State University Department of Dance, I have gained so much from just these past two semesters. With fresh eyes and an open mind, I have learned from both faculty and my peers and have developed the tools to further myself as a technician, as an artist, and as a person. It has been a whirlwind, but one that I will always remember and would never trade for anything.

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Becoming a Dance Videographer – “nohy-láb”

Until these past few weeks, I would never have considered myself a videographer. Even now, I would not call myself an expert. However, I feel that in creating “nohy-láb,” I was able to explore this medium and develop the essential skills needed to continue with it in the future. Final Cut Pro was a new frontier for me to adventure through, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed the process.

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Analyzing Film

As I would consider myself and amateur videographer, I am always impressed to view pieces such as “Gravity of Center.” I find myself not only drawn into the movement and artistry of the dancers, but also focused on the camera angles and the “magic” which they create.

Specifically speaking to this film, I think the videographer was able to draw the viewer into the film through the use of close-ups. Often, these close-up shots would result in a change of either dancer or setting. Through zooming in on one particular area, a seamless transition was made, almost as if some sort of “trick” had been performed. In doing this, the zoom became a theme and, as a viewer, I was able to pick up on this. I knew to pay close attention when the camera was zoomed because I was eager to see whether or not another interesting change such as this would occur.

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