Vlogging vs. Blogging

This week has been an exciting one, all leading up to our second and much-anticipated performance at AISG, the American International School. With the many of our athletes being students at this particular school and much of the audience including children who attend our gym, we have been looking forward to this performance opportunity over the past few weeks.

With each week I spend here, my role becomes much clearer and I am becoming more IMG_8331confident in my abilities to be more than simply an Instructor. From setting performance orders, to keeping in contact with parent concerns, to ordering uniforms, my role as Head Dance Coach is informing me in more ways than I could have ever expected. However, instead of writing a long post this week, I have created a Vlog of all that this new job entails! From the kids I teach to the performances we take on, I am excited by the energy that surrounds me and happy to share it with friends and family back home. I am sure that there will be another lengthy post in the future, but for now I’d like to leave this here and let the smiles on these athletes’ faces (and mine) do the talking.

Video has since been deleted to comply with copyright policies. Stay tuned for an updated version. (2020)

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