Untapped Potential

“From technique to performance to simple appearance, I lacked the ability to find self-approval. Up
until my senior year of high school, I had let these characteristic consume me, determining my eating habits, my friendships, and ultimately hurting the passion for dance that had been 15 years in the making.”

As mentioned in my previous post, a large part of my sense of growth has been my own self-experience and reflection throughout the summer, ultimately leading me to join the Untapped Movement. This movement is a campaign working to promote positivity and passion amongst the dance community, especially those who are part of the studio and competition world.

The following is my Untapped Dancer Profile, which is quite possible one of the most vulnerable and honest things that I have written. Not only have I owned up to these words, but I have shared them with a world-wide community of dancers and artists. I am genuinely moved by this growth and encouraged by my current mindset to see where it leads me. I invite you to read my story and get a deeper look into my values and goals.

I am an #UntappedDancer and I have #UntappedPotential.

Read Paige’s Untapped Dancer Profile



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