Reflecting on Freshman Year

IMG_5324In a person’s Freshman year of college, it often common that they find a group of close friends –  possibly two or four people whom they can confide in, laugh with, and simply love being around. These are the people you hope to see everyday and cannot wait to share your experiences with. Every time you see them, it is like you have been apart forever and you are immediately filled with joy. However, in my Freshman year, I have found this in 33 people: my BFA Class of 2019.

Looking back on the college decision process, I am not too sure why I was so indecisive or why it took me so long to realize that this Buckeye family was were I belonged. Honestly, I could not see myself anywhere else and I cannot imagine dancing with any other group of people. Not only does my class embrace each other with genuine kindness, but we challenge each other, encouraging each other to become the artists, technicians, and people that we are striving to be. We are a group of hard workers and motivators, and I think that we are unique in the Department due to our strong passion and drive. I do not think I have ever experienced a more focused group of people, and it is hard for me to believe that I feel this way after only knowing my class for about nine months.

Nine months – wow. I suppose that in the grand scheme of things, this is as short as it felt, but in thinking of my life so far, nine months is a pretty long time. However, it absolutely flew by. From performing in shows toIMG_5567 dancing on the Football field, to competing at Nationals, these nine months are filled with countless memories. As I reminisce, I cannot help but wonder what the next three years will hold for me and what memories I will be adding to the bunch. It is these experiences and the people that I have met which I will always hold in my heart and mind. They are things that are unique to me, and situations which could have only happened in one specific point and time. They are the things that inspire me and are driving me to achieve my goals in the future.

This being said, I have solidified my goal of wanting to work in the commercial dance world as a professional performer. Currently, my heart is set on a Cruise Line – getting the opportunity to not only dance professionally, but to travel the world and gain new perspectives in the process. I IMG_5593hope that in my next few years, I can develop this goal and create a plan that will be conducive to achieving it, and I am confident that with the Department’s help, as well as that of my peers, I will be able to do so.

Still in awe of the fact that this year is over, I look forward to those to come and I am eager to continue growing as both an artist and a person. I am learning so much about my art and so much about myself, and I am confident that my years as a Buckeye will be well spent.

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