Study Abroad – Dance in Denmark

Upon choosing to attend The Ohio State University, I was immediately intrigued by the diverse community and opportunities that would be presented to me. As a Sophomore, I am a Dance Major (BFA), Developmental Psychology Minor, Student-Athlete on The Ohio State Dance Team, charter member of Zeta Tau Alpha (Alpha Zeta Chapter), and an Arts Scholar. With these responsibilities comes commitment and motivation to continuously be a better representation of my school community, and now I have been given the incredibly opportunity to represent my Buckeye family on an international level.

In this past Autumn Semester, I was cast into a group of 16 BFA and MFA students to study denm-mmap-mdabroad in the selective Dance in Denmark Program this summer (2017) through The Ohio State University Department of Dance. Honored and humbled by this opportunity, I am excited to see what this 5 ½ week experience holds. Focusing on dance performance, teaching, and technical growth, we will immerse ourselves into Danish culture, gaining a wider perspective of our art form and the world in general. Throughout our time there we will collaborate with dance students from Gerlev Sports Academy, perform during the LANDSSTÆVNET sports and culture festival, and perform at the 4th of July celebration in Rebild Bakker – among other opportunities.

I look forward to expanding my skills and knowledge and sharing these new discoveries with those whom I dance with, collaborate with, and teach, in the hopes of inspiring fresh curiosity and drive in others. Throughout my trip, I intend to use this page as a blog of my new insights and experiences so that I can share them with others and look back on them upon returning home.