Broken Ballerina Project

The Broken Ballerina Project is a separate and new blog I have created, dedicated to inspiring physical, mental, and artistic health in the dance community. This blog started from a genuine desire to return the dance world to a place of acceptance and growth, working to move younger generations away from the current value of social media and final products. As a dancer myself, the idea for this blog came during a time of physical and mental struggle with old and new behaviors, being triggered by the constantly moving and evolving world that is our art. Ultimately, however, I have found so much love, passion, and growth in this occupation and hope to inspire others to take on all that this art form has to offer with an open mind and open heart.

The posts on this blog vary from helpful hints to simple sharing of thoughts on a variety of topics including nutrition, strength, dance education, competition, confidence, self-Photo by Laura DeAngelis
value, and more. Above all, it is my goal to start a positive conversation on such topics and inspire new and beneficial perspectives and habits in my readers. With social media and new technology, I have come to find that the value of training in our dance world has started to lessen, though I, personally, feel that classes and workshops are where I have come to find who I am as a human and as an artist. It is my wish that I can inspire dancers, both young and old, to find value in the hours they spend in studios – value that extends far beyond the pointe of a toe or the deepening of a plié.

I encourage you to follow the Broken Ballerina Project and join me on this new journey of research and growth!